Why Iberia Olive Oil?

Healthy Heart

It has been demonstrated worldwide that the consumption of Olive Oil is beneficial to health. The mistaken but common perception that Olive Oil is expensive or for a particular religion has prevented its widespread use in most homes, cuisine and restaurants.

Iberia Olive Oil are used for Cooking, Frying & Fried Foods, Baking, Salad, Massage, for all Religion and Healthy Heart! In Cake and Bread with ease. Also used in Food and Cosmetics Industry.

Our brand is a good all-purpose oil because it has a neutral taste and neutral odour, with a high smoking point that can withstand high cooking and frying temperatures. In addition, it does not congeal in cold and refrigerated food.

Healthy Oil is Medicine

Iberia Olive Oil is an excellent substitute because it’s Cholesterol-Free, with Highest Mufas, and contains No Trans-Fats.

However, experts agree that Olive Oil is always good for you. Furthermore, it is specially recommended for Children, Adults and Elderly for its Vitamin and Antioxidants content.

About Iberia Olive Oil

Iberia Olive Oil passionately believes in the power and promise that comes from eating a healthy oil. It’s the first fuel for our bodies nourishing us for today, tomorrow and for life.”

The oil is so much more than a product. It is the representation of a culture that was born in the Mediterranean, and that has been proved to all over the world as a synonym for quality of life. Today Olive Oil is one of the main healthy sources.

The Olive branch also is a dynamic symbol of human desire for peace. In Iberia Olive Oil we are pleased to see that we have been dedicated to the production of Olive Oil.

Iberia Olive Oil is leading the way in combining the goodness of Spain origin oil with everyday food, bringing healthy cooking and long live to every home.

Affordable in Every Home

A gift of Olive Oil is the richest treasure from heaven, also referred as Liquid Gold. Even though Olive Oil in assumption costs more than other vegetable oils, it is economical to use since it is used 1/3rd the quantity of other edible oils.

Iberia Olive Oil in particular can be reused 3-4 times. Used 1/3rd quantity and reusable 3 times, the effective costs of Iberia Olive Oil are 1/9th actual price and very cheap in reality!

Iberia Olive Oil Varieties

There are different categories of Olive Oils according to the quality of the fruit, the sensorial features and the extraction process. These categories are:

Extra Virgin
Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Oil
Pomace Olive Oil

Iberia Olive Oil Essential Ingredient

Olive Oil is an essential part of the cooking styles and traditional flavours of the Mediterranean Diet. It’s a daily choice for cooks in the region, using to cook, fry, season cooked dishes, salads and vegetables. And on every table, you’ll find a bottle of Olive Oil for flavouring foods and dipping breads.

No kitchen is complete without a bottle of Olive Oil. It contains no cholesterol, no sodium, no trans fats, no sugars, and is a rich source of monounsaturated fat-all of which add up to better health.

Iberia Olive Oil Health Benefits

Antioxidants present in Olive Oil protect against oxidation of LDL to a greater extent than other oil. It also helps to prevent atherosclerosis and its risks by improving the functioning of the stomach and pancreas as well as the Hepato-biliary and intestinal level.

It has a protective and tonic effect on epidermis, it improves metabolic functions and it stimulates growth and absorption of calcium and mineralization of the skeletal system. As a natural moisturizer and cosmetic formulations as an emollient.

When a recipe calls for cooking oil or fat, make a shift towards eating a healthy diet. It’s easy-whenever you would usually use cooking oils or fats, simply substitute Iberia Olive Oil instead. It’s better for you, contributes to lowering cholesterol, and adds a delicious splash to any recipe.

Philosophy of Iberia Olive Oil

Our Vision

From the simple and concise words, the company used to describe its vision, it is without a doubt the brand will establish itself as an enriching brand,

“Inspire People to Pay a Small Price Using Olive Oil for Healthy Longevity”

Our Mission

Even though Olive Oil in assumption costs more than other vegetable oils, it is economical since it is used one-third (1/3) the quantity of other edible oils, so our mission is:

“Bringing Olive Oil and Long Live to Every Home”

Our Values

The company sees its values as its DNA which could be interpreted to mean what runs through the entire organization. The values serve as a guide for every business transaction, the interaction amongst themselves and with the communities where we work. Here is a quick rundown of our values:

  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Multiculturalism
  • Accountability

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the natural oil (liquid fat) extracted from olives (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by pressing whole olives.

Today, Spain is the largest producer of olive oil by volume. People use olive oil in cooking, cosmetics, medicine, soaps, and as a fuel for traditional lamps. Today, olive oil is popular around the world.

Fat and Olive Oil

Olive Oil is widely known to be high in monounsaturated (good) fat. It contains zero trans (bad) fat and is lower in saturated (bad) fat than other commonly used ingredients such as shortening and butter. Simply put, olive oil is one of the best ways to add good fat to your diet and avoid bad fat. Check our “Fat Comparison Chart” to see how Olive Oil compares to other Oils and butters.

Which are Good Fat?

As part of eating a healthy diet, you need to consume moderate amounts of good fats. These good fats include:

This is the primary fat source found in Olive Oil. Unsaturated fat can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. In fact, due to its high concentration of monounsaturated fat, olive oil can actually help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. This is the main reason why Olive Oil is considered to be healthy for us.

Found in nuts, fish and, of course, Olive Oil. Polyunsaturated fat helps to maintain heart health and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Found in fatty fishes like salmon, omega-3 polyunsaturated fat is truly brain food. It has been proven to promote mental acuity and brain development.

Which are the bad fats?

If you’re committed to eating a healthy diet, you should try to avoid the following fats:

Saturated fats are known to raise blood cholesterol levels, increase the risk of heart disease, and contribute to other health problems. Nutritionists and dietitians strongly recommend that you avoid these fats as much as possible.

Typically found in nearly any food containing the word “hydrogenated” on its label, trans fats can raise your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. More about cholesterol!

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